Welcome Message.


Dear colleagues,

It is our great pleasure to invite you all to the 2013 IEEE Workshop on Signal Processing Systems in Taipei, Taiwan. From October 16th-18th, SIPS 2013 will bring together scientists, engineers, faculty, and students from all over the world. The conference will provide a platform to communicate and exchange ideas and results, and thereby enhance the area of signal processing systems and their implementation. SIPS 2013 will feature a series of symposia, section meetings, and poster presentations. In addition to making your trip technically productive, SIPS 2013 will also provide you with an opportunity to experience scenic Taiwan. On behalf of organizing committee, we assure you that SIPS 2013 will be an enriching and valuable experience.

We are delighted to see your participation, Welcome to Taiwan!

Honorary Chair
Liang-Gee Chen

General Co-Chairs
An-Yeu (Andy) Wu
Naresh Shanbhag