Special Session

Session L5: Multimedia System Design Flow and Applications
Time: Oct 17 09:40~11:00
Session Chair: Gwo-Giun (Chris) Lee , National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan

A Comparison of CABAC Throughput for HEVC/H.265 Vs. AVC/H.264
Vivienne Sze, Madhukar Budagavi

Algorithmic Complexity Analysis on Data Transfer Rate and Data Storage for
Multidimensional Signal Processing
Gwo Giun Lee, Chun-Fu Chen, He-Yuan Lin

Partitioning and Optimization of High Level Stream Applications for Multi Clock Domain
Simone Casale Brunet, Endri Bezati, Claudio Alberti, Marco Mattavelli, Edoardo Amaldi,
Jorn Janneck

A Low-Power Video Recording System with H.264/AVC and Light-Weight Compression
Hyun Kim, Chae Eun Rhee, Hyuk-Jae Lee

Session L8: Signal Processing to Rescue Mooreˇ¦s Law (I)
Time: Oct 18 09:30~10:50
Session Chair: Lei Wang, University of Connecticut, United States

The SGC: a Simple Architecture for Gathering Statistics in Communication Links
Andrew Bean, Andrew Singer

Error-Resilient Systems via Statistical Signal Processing
Rami Abdallah, Naresh Shanbhag

Signal Processing Techniques for Reliability Improvement of Sub-20nm NAND Flash Memory
Dong-Hwan Lee, Jonghong Kim, Wonyong Sung

Signal Processing Challenges for Emerging Digital Intensive and Digitally Assisted Transceivers
with Deeply Scaled Technology
Min Li, Khaled Khalaf, Chunshu Li, Vidojkovi Vojkan, Mark Ingels, Andre Bourdoux, Piet Wambacq,
Jan Craninckx, Liesbet Van Der Perre

Session L9: Signal Processing to Rescue Mooreˇ¦s Law (II)
Time: Oct 18 10:50~12:10
Session Chair: Rami Abdallah, Intel, United States

Hardware Specialization of Machine-Learning Kernels: Possibilities for Applications and
Possibilities for the Platform Design Space
Kyong Ho Lee, Zhuo Wang, Naveen Verma

Constructing Spare Sharing Networks for Reliability Enhancement of Scalable Systems
Soroush Khaleghi, Wenjing Rao

ACO-Based Fault-Aware Routing Algorithm for Network-on-Chip Systems
Chia-An Lin, Hsien-Kai Hsin, En-Jui Chang, An-Yeu Wu

Error Resilient MRF Message Passing Architecture for Stereo Matching
Jungwook Choi, Eric P. Kim, Rob A. Rutenbar, Naresh Shanbhag